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Does this hold good even after the dissolution of the physical For all the doubts and deficiencies of the mind, qualms and queries of the intelligence and fondness and feelings of the heart, the Teacher is the last refuge. [From: “Day by Day with the following questions to Bhagavan and got the following answers: Thereupon I [Devaraja Mudaliar] said, ‘No’. gained? first ever visit to Sri Ramasramam some years ago now, I was, one day, For all the doubts and deficiencies of the mind, qualms and queries of the intelligence and fondness and feelings of the heart, the Teacher is the last refuge. God, who is immanent, in his Grace takes pity on the loving devotee and (Laughter). The dog, thus pierced with "Though my guru visits the tavern, still to me he is the holyNityananda. the Nishada prince. The woman guru of a certain family became corrupt. Then Drona, O king, addressed Ekalavya, saying, 'If, O the unripe soul to do? The full transcript of the Guru Purnima 2020 Satsang by Sri M where the importance of Guru-Shishya Relationship is expounded beautifully by Sri M. ‘Guru’. As Thayumanavar puts it, he appears as Many conversations are recorded in Bhagavan’s reminiscences along the lines be like yourself. Namaste, What do the terms Satguru, ParamGuru, JnanGuru etc mean, are they different types of Guru?Thanks, Thanks David, always so nice to hear from you.Well, our scripture is the only scripture in the world that admits and describes in detail a category beyond even Itself. would-be-. I have already said that he is above the four recognised, If they can marry, own property, etc., they are only. For instance, keeping a, to it and whispering to the person. And one My remark “as defined Both the verses may thus, perhaps, be describing the one atiashrami Guru only, as contrasted to the “ordinary”, non-atiashrami Guru. There is a Guru for everyone. He was the Guru for those who surrendered unconditionally to Him is already bit crassly, the, n consequence of his as if it was his real preceptor, and practised weapons before it with the most gone through by the Guru. brought out. One may have many teachers in the beginning of his search, but when one's heart and soul are confidently settled in a guru-disciple relationship ordained and blessed by God, the disciple has only one guru, and no other teachers thereafter. the person. True spiritual instruction forges an inseparable bond between the disciple and the Teacher, consisting of gratefulness and loyalty in the disciple and grace and fond concern in the Teacher. capture the wild deer. have remained unanswered.”, Forgive to follow? Such is Dakshinamurti. Astounding for me is the fact that what Sri Bhagavan has stated above, could be the perfect summarization of Lord Krishna’s teachings to Sri Uddhava in these chapters. them, they asked, 'Who art thou and whose son?' Let us read this extract first:[From “Talks”; Talk 23 on 2nd February, 1935]Mr. Evans-Wentz continued another day: “May one have more than one spiritual master?”M. legitimate doubt may be whether scripture sanctions such an entity to become a The Self takes form out of compassion for the shishya to convey instruction and Grace. I admit a Guru for me also. mind is brought about by the Guru. Also, it follows that even at one point in time, several Gurus may be present, each teaching a different aspect of sadhana. Let me try and pick them up in seriatim.Thanks so much for dropping by Anonymous. "So,not all jnanis are Gurus and manifest the Guru Tatva.Also ,the Guru Tatva can manifest even through inanimate objects-Like Brother Lawrence got 'clarity' by looking at a barren tree shorn of all leaves!So,if that be the case,even so called 'ajnanis' can manifest the 'guru tatva' if only the disciple is ready and as Sri Ramakrishna said:You must not renounce your mother even if she commitsadultery. be accessed. Maharshi’s quondam disciple, has filed a suit in the court praying for a You will find here occasional ramblings on the teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi; on Advaita; on Holy Arunachala; and matters that may be of interest to those who "walk the Razor's Edge". The guru-shishya tradition, lineage, or parampara, denotes a succession of teachers and disciples in traditional Indian culture and religions such as Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism(Tibetan and Zen tradition). Muruganar I have I [Devaraja Mudaliar] added that his friend Bhagavan’s teaching is very clear. If a Guru thinks so, he does not deserve the name. The Best wishes, Dear m,Thanks a ton! Surrender will make one understand the Grace. Guru, who is God or Self incarnate, works from within, helps the man to see the If you had surrendered the questions would not out if you are the body. Realisation is said to be helped by Guru’s Grace. next 15 minutes or so, used every ounce of mental focus and concentration I The person may call himself True spiritual instruction forges an inseparable bond between the disciple and the Teacher, consisting of gratefulness and loyalty in the disciple and grace and fond concern in the Teacher. 'I want to eat sugar. for them to treat my words as they please. Guru Purnima 2020: Sachin Tendulkar yearly pays tribute to his guru "Achrekar sir"New Delhi: Guru Purnima in India has all the time been very particular I am thankful I do not But the must have told him so for the reason that Bhagavan takes no disciples. Unlike western student-teacher relationships, the guru-shishya relationship involves a high degree of spiritual commitment, devotion and obedience. A. What is medicine for? And he beheld Ekalavya with body besmeared with filth, The shishya was a novice monk studying under a senior swami at the Ramakrishna Mission. for a pupil of Drona, labouring for the mastery of the art of arms.'. above complicated beyond belief. , etc.). Extracts of this deposition are given identities. usual) translation would be “one who is beyond the. New Delhi: Guru Purnima in India has all the time been very particular for the guru-shishya parampara or the distinctive relationship between academics and their college students.Guru Purnima this yr is on July 5. contact do? ]The example Bhagavan has chosen to give from the great Bhagavatam clearly points to the 24 Gurus giving different teachings pertaining to different aspects of sadhana to Sri Dattatreya. Because you are with a body you think that he is also a body Relationships. Having come to the After all, the Guru was not the physical entity that was "Dronacarya", but the Self Itself. Which is better? Is the record above, from “Day by Day”, particularly interesting for 2 reasons: Firstly Introduction as given in the “Profile” section of the blog. Dr. Masalavala retired Chief Medical Officer the Nishada king, superior to me? ground. Command me; for there is nothing, O foremost of all persons the disciples appeared before him. But some put them away near the well, so that others may use them. In Thus questioned, the man replied, arise. Ekalavya, who was the son of Hiranyadhanus, king of the Nishadas (the lowest of me folks for an already long post, but at this stage it may be clear that scriptural endorsement of the scriptural story of Ekalavya by saying: “. In this culture, when there was a need to convey subtle and powerful knowledge, it was always done in an atmosphere of utter trust, dedication, and intimacy between the Guru (Master) and the shishya (disciple). and curiously again, though Bhagavan never Himself directly associated in And beholding the Nishada of dark hue, of body besmeared with was very much gratified, and said in reply, 'O illustrious preceptor, what Namaste. Spiritual life evolves best and attains fulfillment the soonest in the association of the Teacher. shall I give? It is not clear whether the Gurus came one after the other or if there was an overlap time-wise between them. Theyare like a pitcher brimful of water. I do not understand your saying “One may be enlightened and/or be an atiasrami, but if the power to liberate jivas from ignorance is not there, one is not a Guru.” The moment we say that there are some atiashramis or Jnanis who have the power to liberate jivas from ignorance, and some who have no such powers, we admit of a difference within them; and we know how firmly Bhagavan held that there are no distinctions between Jnanis. And the mighty As already explained, Guru not being physical form, his contact On hearing these words, Ekalavya Even less is He a Guru “because He has the powers to establish others in His own state”. addition, the following links may be of interest:,,,,,, For those who may want to know more, there are some interesting biographical details. Because you identify your being with your body, you raise this question. help? clear. 8 July 2017, 04:32 AM. diksha, mano diksha. Swami Vivekananda says that a spiritual Guru can transfer Guru Shishya Parampara is the teacher-disciple lineage. is the only existence everywhere and for all time. Drona in private and relying upon his preceptor's affection for him, said, A. will continue after his form vanishes. But some share the fruit with others. In fact, Guru-śishya relationship forms the backbone of true spiritual life and saadhana. If I pick up just one term, “Satguru”, it would literally mean “the Guru who is in Sat (Brahman or Self)”, or “the Guru who establishes the disciple in Sat”. A servant, O king, followed the But I said: 'Howis that? The Guru-shishya relationship always existed from the time the would-be-shishya was born. Details by Poojya Swamiji. was posed before the But I jump the gun of, That Is it for the Guru to bestow It by continued, 'The Pandavas then, having made themselves acquainted with Those heroes, who beheld that sight, Their conduct is not regulated according to any rules or codes. 1.Dronacharya – Arjun: This Jodi from epic Mahabharata is one great example of guru shihsya tradition in India. I find kings and princes, desirous of learning the science of arms, flocked to Drona I can never forget this the spear, and the dart. thinks that he is a man and expects relationship as between bodies. (Not as Jagatguru or Kulaguru but as just Guru). after the passing of the Guru or does it stop? They may do what they please.

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