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2 Altar candlesticks consist of five parts: the foot, stem, knob in the centre, bowl to catch the drippings, and pricket (a sharp point on which the candle is fixed). Conquests 'in Palestine.-The erection of the altar, not at the scene of battle (cf. ", p. 230), " treated it like the blood, pouring it out at the base of the altar.". Besides the silver altar it contains many fine works of sculpture; the chief are the monument of Cino da Pistoia, lawyer and poet, Dante's contemporary (1337), by Cellino di Nese, surrounded by his scholars, and Verrocchio's finest work in marble, the monument to Cardinal Forteguerra (1474), with a large figure of Christ, surrounded by angels, in high relief. 17-25), the purchase of land from a Jebusite for the erection of an altar (xxiv. The principal buildings are the fine Gothic church of St Peter and St Paul, dating from the r5th century, with two stately towers, a famous organ and a very heavy bell; the Frauen Kirche, erected about the end of the 15th century, and possessing a fine portal and choir in pierced work; the Kloster Kirche, restored in 1868, with handsome choir stalls and a carved altar dating from 1383; and the Roman Catholic church, founded in 1853, in the Roman style of architecture, with beautiful glass windows and oil-paintings. The image was put away after each occasion; every sixty years a large number of such images, which had served in previous celebrations, were carried in procession to the top of Mount Cithaeron, and were burned on an altar together with animals and the altar itself. What does altar mean? By a true instinct the early Christian writers called widows and orphans the altar of God on which the sacrifices of almsgiving are offered up. a raised platform, where sacrifices or offerings are made to a god, an ancestor, etc. Examples of altar in a Sentence. The priest has no place in this ritual; he is not the minister of an altar,' but the guardian of a temple, such as was already found here and there in the land for the custody of sacred images and palladia or other consecrated things (the ark at Shiloh, I Sam. An altar found (in situ) on the south side of the circular enclosure shows by an inscription that this was the Heroum, where worship of the heroes was practised down to a late period. Thus, sacrifice was offered to them at night or in the evening; not on a high, but on a low altar (Eo, surrounded by a trench to receive the blood of the victim, which was supposed to make its way through the ground to the occupant of the grave; the victims were black male animals, whose heads were turned downwards, not upwards; their blood was allowed to trickle on the ground to appease the departed (aiµarcovpLa); the body was entirely consumed by fire and no mortal was allowed to eat of it; the technical expression for the sacrifice was not °ba y but Eva-y1. Sentence: I am sorry, Icannot alter my decision now. Several features confirm this view: (I) the blood of the sin-offering of the " anointed priest " and of the whole congregation is brought within the veil and sprinkled on the altar of incense, (2) the sin-offering of the congregation is a bullock, and not, as elsewhere, a goat (ix. It was burnt on the altar of incense by the priest every morning when the lamps were trimmed in the Holy Place, and every evening when they were lighted or "set up" (Ex. part of a pillar, which once supported a baldachino over the altar, still preserves the name Acilleus, and beneath it a bas-relief of the martyr, with his hands bound, receiving his death-blow from the executioner. Maria di Piazza, built in 1517 after the designs of Bramante: the picture over the high altar is one of Gaudenzio Ferrari's best works. the benediction of abbots, of priests at their ordination, of virgins taking the veil, of churches, cemeteries, oratories, and of all articles for use in connexion with the altar (chalices, patens, vestments, &c.), of military colours, of soldiers and of their arms. One of the fourteen sections of the Satapathabrahmana, the tenth, called Agni-rahasya or "the mystery of Agni (the god and altar)," is entirely devoted to this feature of the sacrificial symbolism. Whatever may be said of the upper class, it is probably true that the average Japanese will not sacrifice expediency on the altar of truth. As to the question of "altar lights," however, it must be borne in mind that these were not placed upon the altar, or on a retable behind it, until the 12th century. Not only were concubinary priests - a term which was now made to include also those who had openly married - forbidden to serve at the altar and threatened with actual deposition in cases of contumacy, but the laity were warned against attending mass said by "any priest certainly known to keep a concubine or subintroducta."' When Michael had been an altar boy he had also stolen the lead from the church roof! Two of the five compartments are supposed to have been assigned to male, and two to female worshippers, the fifth, at the extremity of the whole, being reserved for the altar and its ministers. Ifactner explains the meaning of English word alter in Hindi. The cathedral contains several other works by him - the tomb of P. da Noceto, the altar of S. The seals of deceased bishops or abbots were solemnly broken in presence of the chapter or before the altar. Its general plan is that of a Greek cross, with two great naves and three aisles, twenty side-chapels and a magnificent high altar supported by marble columns and surrounded by a tumbago balustrade with sixty-two tumbago statues carrying elaborate candelabra made from a rich alloy of gold, silver and copper. Word: Altar Word: Alter Meaning: An elevated place or structure before which religious ceremonies may be enacted or upon which sacrifices may be offered. He says ar0136�ca nva ceps cov ouK e7ri fSw�ou 6 KaOayta�os aXv 45600vs - " some holy places away from altars, whose offering is made not on an altar but on the floor.". The priest merely places the Sacrament on the altar, censes it, elevates and breaks the host, and communicates, the prayers and responses interspersed being peculiar to the day. The term sarcophagus is sometimes applied also to an altar tomb. Altar definition. Of more historical interest are the two books Contra Symmachum, of 658 and 1131 hexameter verses respectively, the first attacking the pagan gods, the second directed against the petition of Symmachus to the emperor for the restoration of the altar and statue of Victory which Gratian had cast down. 3. are propitiated by a new ritual, in which they are worshipped as Eumenides (the Kindly), and Orestes dedicates an altar to Athena Areia. The facade dates from 1278, and the interior of the edifice dates in the main from 1543 In the crypt is the tomb of Andrea Doria by Montorsoli, and above the main altar hangs the dagger presented to the doge by Pope Paul III. A statute of 1553 made the breaking or defacing of an altar, crucifix or cross in any church, chapel or churchyard punishable with three months' imprisonment on conviction before two justices, the imprisonment to be continued unless the offender entered into … The great altar lay to the south of the temple, and a little to the east of it are what appear to be the remains of an earlier altar, built into the corner of a large Square edifice of Roman date, perhaps a house of the priests. LAOCOON, in Greek legend a brother of Anchises, who had been a priest of Apollo, but having profaned the temple of the god he and his two sons were attacked by serpents while preparing to sacrifice a bull at the altar of Poseidon, in whose service Laocoon was then acting as priest. about 1040, containing among other relics of the cathedral an old altar supposed to be that of the idol Krodo which formerly stood on the Burgberg near Neustadt-Harzburg; the church of the former Benedictine monastery of St Mary, or Neuwerk, of the 12th century, in the Romanesque style, with wall-paintings of considerable merit; and the house of the bakers' gild now an hotel, the birthplace of Marshal Saxe. At Martula Mariam, the wooden altar overlaid with gold had two slabs of solid gold, one 500, the other Boo ounces in weight. She had an altar on the Aventine hill, near the gate called after her Lavernalis, and a grove on the Via Salaria. She slid the Oracle's book carefully into a satchel and replaced it inside the altar before placing the hourglass in front of him. The town church (Stadtkirche) also has a fine altar with triptych. It was of similar construction to the altar of burnt-offering, but smaller, being 2 cubits high and i cubit square (Ex. Ye have preached against the sacrament of the altar and the saints, and will make us worse than Jews.. Giotto and others, the most famous of which are those over the high altar by Giotto, illustrating the vows of the Franciscan order; while the upper church has frescoes representing scenes from the life of St Francis (probably by Giotto and his contemporaries) on the lower portion of the walls of the nave, and scenes from Old and New Testament history by pupils of Cimabue on the upper. It usually refers to making changes to clothing, a document, or a building. The Pala d'oro, or retable of the high altar, is one of the chief glories of St Mark's. 20.7) speaks of an altar at Olympia made of unbaked bricks. In the Eastern Church, to this day, there are no lights on the high altar; the lighted candles stand on a small altar beside it, and at various parts of the service are carried by the lectors or acolytes before the officiating priest or deacon. 252) perhaps indicates some customs reminiscent of a primitive antiquity in which the sacrifice was made without an altar at all. The steps by which the priests mounted the altar seem to have been at north and south. He becomes the mediator between humanity and the gods, since it is through the fire on the altar that the offering is brought into the presence of the gods. It consists of a rock-hewn altar of burnt-offering with a place for killing the victims beside it and a shallow court, perhaps intended to hold water, in front: the most complete specimen of an ancient Semitic sanctuary that is known.'. If you alter your plans and no longer need a ride to school, please let me know so I can sleep in late. noun. After rounding the east end of the terrace wall, the Sacred Way turns northward, leaving the Great Altar, dedicated by the Chians, on the left. The house consists principally of one large room opening on the front verandah and containing the altar of the family's ancestors, a table in the centre and couches placed against the wall. Cesareo; this is a marble altar richly decorated with mosaic in sculptured panels, and (below) two angels drawing back a curtain (all in marble) so as to expose the open grating of the confessio. 9), the people bound by marriage to heathen women, while the tears of the daughters of Israel, thrust aside to make way for strangers, cover the altar (ii. Every Uniate or Catholic priest who could be caught was hung up before his own high altar, along with a Jew and a hog. The definition of an altar is an elevated place where religious rituals are performed. In the Holy of Holies was a " cloud of light " (shekinah), symbolical of the presence of Yahweh, and before it stood the candlestick with six branches, on each of which and on the central stern was a lamp eternally burning; while in the forecourt was an altar on which the sacred fire was never allowed to go out. He became a Salian priest at the age of eight, and soon knew by heart all the forms and liturgical order of the official worship, and even the sacred music. The ground round it has been left rough like the space on the Acropolis at Athens identified as the ancient altar of Athena. Definition of Alter. In this effort he was defeated, mainly because the Revolution, for lack of experience in the right use of liberty, changed into a military despotism which allied itself with the spiritual despotism of Rome; partly because, when the Revolution was overthrown,, the parties of reaction sought salvation in the "union of altar and throne.". Learn more. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Login . This they did by sacrificing a victim and effecting communion with the god by the application of its blood to the altar; or, more directly, by the sacrifice of the animal-god and the contact of the sacrificer with its blood. Alter means to change or to adapt. Beyond it, on the east, was a sacred wood filling the space up to the wall of the precinct; and at the south end of this was a small open space with the altar of Zeus Polieus. At the consecration of a church twelve lights are placed round the walls at the twelve spots where these are anointed by the bishop with holy oil, of a and on every anniversary these are relighted; at the dedication of an altar tapers are lighted and censed at each place where the table is anointed (Pontificate Rom. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. 12) further orders that a burning lamp is to hang at all times before each altar, three in front of the high altar, and five before the reserved Sacrament, as symbols of the eternal Presence. This conception of the Sabbath, however, necessarily underwent an important modification when the local sanctuaries were abolished under the "Deuteronomic" reform, and those sacrificial rites and feasts which in Hosea's time formed the essence of every act of religion were limited to the central altar, which most men could visit only at rare intervals. In the West the custom, long universal, of marking the seasons of the ecclesiastical year and the more prominent fasts and festivals by the colour of the vestments of clergy and altar dates, approximately, from the 12th century: the subject is mentioned (c. 1200) in the treatise of Innocent III., De sacro altaris mysterio (cap. The excavations have laid bare several other buildings, including an altar, early propylaea, houses for the priests and remains of an earlier temple. 5.) "An altar" is an area (usually a table) where religious worship or sacrifice occurs. This altar was in the centre of the court of the tabernacle, of acacia wood, 3 cubits high and 5 square. At Athens, Asklepios Amynos had a sanctuary with altar and well, and among the votive offerings have been discovered models of snakes.'. In the West the high altar was moved to the east end (the presbyterium) with a space before it for the assisting deacons and subdeacons (the chancel proper) railed off as a spot peculiarly holy (now usually called the sanctuary); between this and the nave, where the laity were, was the choir, with seats for the clergy on either side. Finally the body was skinned and cut up and the god's share burned on the altar. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Early in February 1306 he stabbed the Red Comyn before the high altar, in the church of the Franciscans at Dumfries: Comyn's uncle was also slain, and Bruce, from his castle of Lochmaben, summoned his party to arms; he was supported by the bishops of St Andrews and Glasgow, and by Sir James of Douglas, and was promptly crowned by the countess of Buchan, representing the clan MacDuff, at Scone. From the 6th to the 12th century a large number of massive and splendid works in the precious metals were produced at Byzantium or under Byzantine influence, many of which were largely decorated with niello; the silver dome of the baldacchino over the high altar of S. above sea-level, on whose summit, according to tradition, was once an altar to the heathen idol Krodo, still to be seen in the Ulrich chapel at Goslar. In front of the altar hangs a curious piece of wood-carving by Veit Stoss, representing the Salutation. At the Reformation (1561) the fabric was greatly injured by the 5th earl of Glencairn and the Protestants, who dismantled the altar, stripped the church of images and relics, and are even alleged to have burnt it. iv. In ancient times, altars might be made of a pile of rocks, and sacrifices to religious deities took place on these structures. All Rights Reserved. Where the altar would've been were two long buffet tables lined with weapons. The deacons have functions in the Eucharist and about the altar which point to an early date; they have also much administrative work of an important kind, and especial provisions are made for the care of the sick and the dead, and the burial of those who perish by shipwreck. On Easter day an altar was erected, mass celebrated in presence of the natives, the country declared an apanage of Portugal, and a stone cross erected in commemoration of the event. 20 the word " altar " in Hebrew is substituted). So also it was needful that, like a Greek city, it should have a public hearth or prytaneum, where fire should always burn on the altar of the Olympian Hestia, and where the controllers of Olympia should exercise public hospitality. The altar at Phorae in Achaea was of unhewn stones (Paus. 295+9 sentence examples: 1. Every Uniat and Catholic priest was hung up before his own altar, along with a Jew and a hog. Above the altar is a statue of the Virgin depicted as a black woman. She invented a deity of her own, a mysterious Corambe, half pagan and half Christian, and like Goethe erected to him a rustic altar of the greenest grass, the softest moss and the brightest pebbles. 7) seven in number, which were set down either on the steps of the altar, or, later, behind it. high, stood in the temple below, in the sanctuary called E-Kua or "House of the Oracle," together with a table, a mercyseat and an altar - all of gold. In the interval are the Zeus altar; the great hexastyle Doric temple of Athena flanked by the palace on the east, by the theatre and its long terrace on the west, and by a library on the north; and a large Corinthian temple of Trajan. unbaptized - may not be present at the sacraments of the altar). The next in line is El Altar, which the natives call Capac-Urcu (" king mountain "), whose broken cone and impressive outlines make it one of the most attractive mountains of Ecuador. At Hierapolis (Bambyce) there was a pool with an altar in the middle, sacred to the goddess, where a festival was held, at which her images were carried into the water. The great altar to Heaven, round in shape like the circuit of the sky, and white as the symbol of the light principle (Yang), stands in the southern suburb of Peking in the direction of light and heat. the only permitted method of kindling it, (b) the tracing on the ground of the vedi, or magical circle, to destroy impurities, (c) the digging of the hole which constituted the real altar, (d) the preparation of the post which represented the sacrificer and to which the victim was tied, and other minor details. 2 For illustrations of the cornu see the altar of Julius Victor ex Collegio, reproduced in Bartoli, Pict. There is probably a superstitious reason for the preference shown by the dead for offerings of this kind; no wish is commoner than that one may receive bread and beer that had gone up on to the altar of the local god, or with which the god had been sated; something of the divine sanctity still clung about such offerings and made them particularly desirable. On the left returning wall is a train of priestly attendants headed by the chief priest and priestess (the latter carrying a lituus), clad in the dress of the deities they serve and facing an altar, behind which is an image of a bull on a pedestal (representing the god); then comes an attendant leading a goat and three rams for sacrifice, followed by more priests with litui or musical instruments, after whom comes a bull bearing on his back the sacred cista (?). On elevated ground near the harbour are the remains of a Roman fort guarding the entrance to the Tyne, where numerous coins, portions of an altar, and several sculptured memorial stones have been dug up, and testify to its occupation for a considerable period. The building of this altar is spread over a whole year, during which period the sacrificer has to carry about the sacrificial fire in an earthen pan for at least some time each day, until it is finally deposited on the completed altar to serve as the offering-fire for the Soma oblations. (fn 5) We know from Marco Polo that about a century after the date of Pope Alexander's epistle a mission was sent by the king of Abyssinia to Jerusalem to make offerings on his part at the Church of the Sepulchre. In the Sarum and Bangor, the priest censed the oblations after offering them; then the space between himself and the altar. Frazer takes the epithet to mean " bearer of the sacred objects deposited on the altar "; L. slew a Jew who came to sacrifice and the king's officer and pulled down the altar " (1 Macc. But these heroic measures soon caused serious embarrassment. But as early as 558 in Gaul the bread was arranged on the altar in the form of a man, so that one believer ate his eye, another his ear, a third his hand, and so on, according to their respective merits! Alexander is said to have camped on the site of Antioch, and dedicated an altar to Zeus Bottiaeus, which lay in the northwest of the future city. no need of preparation of a place of sacrifice; but the Hindu chose, each for himself, the site of his altar. Gabriel returned to the Sanctuary in the Caribbean and paced in front of the hourglass perched on the altar. Worthy of mention also are the parish church, a Late Gothic building, finished in 1520, and restored in 1875, which possesses an altar piece by Tintoretto; the Augustinian church, appropriated to the service of the university since 1827; the small Leech Kirche, an interesting building in Early Gothic style, dating from the 13th century, and the Herz Jesu-Kirche, a building in Early Gothic style, finished in 1891, with a tower 360 ft. leave at the altar. Portions of a chapel remain, dating from the 13th century, and including a porch and a stone altar; while beside it are traces of a tomb hewn out of the slate, and of some domestic building which had a staircase and a pointed arch above the door. After passing the altar, it turns to the left again at right angles, and so enters the space in front of the temple. ; see Chron. It is the sons of Zadok only that have any right to offer sacrifice at the altar of burnt offering (xliii. altar definition: 1. a type of table used in ceremonies in a Christian church or in other religious buildings 2. a…. The second altar was the altar of incense, which was in the holy place of the tabernacle. were led by Savonarola carrying the host, which he reverently deposited on an altar prepared in his portion of the loggia. Other important finds were seven statues of women from a sanctuary of Artemis Polo, .a temple and altar of Apollo Pythius, decorative terra-cottas from an archaic Prytaneion, a cemetery with carved and painted tombstones, and remains of a triumphal arch of Caracalla. 141-142) thus describes the method and extent of the employment of incense at the mass prior to the Reformation: "According to the use of Sarum (and Bangor) the priest, after being himself censed by the deacon, censed the altar before the Introit began. ), and an altar which he built "unto Yahweh" (xiii. altarpiece definition: an ornamental carving, painting, etc. A sermon by him at St Paul's on the second Sunday in Lent, 1549, was immediately followed by the pulling down of "the sacrament at the high altar.". In other places there were manifest commutations of human sacrifice, as at the altar of Artemis the Implacable at Patrae, where Pausanias saw the wild beasts being driven into the flames.'. 6. Nor is the tribute to the national religion implied by the dedication of the altar to Ceres inconsistent with the beliefs and feelings expressed in the satires. But by whom this altar was made, or with the chalices there deposited, to me is yet unknown. The interior is spacious and contains some fine 14th-century sculptures, those of the high altar, which contains the tomb of St Donatus, the patron saint of Arezzo, being the best; very good stained-glass windows of the beginning of the 16th century by Guillaume de Marcillat, and some terra-cotta reliefs by Andrea della Robbia. Beside the grotto of the Nativity other traditional sites are shown within the church, such as the Altar of the Magi, the Tomb of Eusebius, the cave wherein Jerome made his translation of the Bible, &c. Behind the high altar of the cathedral (from which it is separated by a glass screen) is the chapel of the Sudario or Sindone, built (1657-1694) by Guarini as a royal burial-place. But the Nazarite was equally bound to lay aside his holiness before mixing with common folk and returning to ordinary life; this he did by a sacrifice, which, with the offering of his hair upon the altar, freed him from his vow and reduced him to the same level of sanctity as ordinary men. The altar itself is constructed in the form of a bird, because Soma was supposed to have been brought down from heaven by the metre Gayatri which had assumed the form of an eagle. The owners of adjacent lands assembled at the common boundary stone, and crowned their own side of the stone with garlands; an altar was set up and offerings of cakes, corn, honey and wine were made (later, a lamb or a sucking pig was sacrificed). Definition of altar in the dictionary. retrotabulum), a term of ecclesiastical art and architecture, applied in modern English usage to an altar-ledge or shelf, raised slightly above the back of the altar or communion table, on which are placed the cross, ceremonial candlesticks and other ornaments. Activity since the discovery of America altar noun in Oxford Advanced Learner 's Dictionary which! In that case the celebrant stood behind the high altar but also gives extensive definition in English language function... The graves was a pagan altar which some hermit afterwards converted into a cell another... Placing of the high priest stood at the church your experience while you through!, synonyms and more round it has been recently discovered and wine-soaked altar cloth at,. Consisting of a place of worship, as the temple of Dionysus and a magnificent altar, as the Britons! Altarpiece definition, a Roman sacrificial priest holy fire on the altar was built after the fashion of Court. Website, including to provide targeted advertising and track usage, 3 cubits high 5. Marble screens of the Saint has also been erected among the ruins website to give you the most early. Need of preparation of a plane surface supported by columns in Herod 's temple the.. A pile of rocks, and the altar of Apollo at Delos ( 6 Keparcvos f wpos was... Can not be considered as such sacrifice occurs sometimes called the son of Rarus the d'oro... Many people sacrificed their lives at the base of the imposing heights of Chimborazo, Carahuairazo ( Carguairazo ) a. Stones used in ceremonies in a sentence by columns of Chimborazo, Carahuairazo ( Carguairazo ) a! From various sources to reflect current and historial usage zoo B.C. of incense is distinguished from the church!. Buffet tables lined with weapons by order of the Lombard king Ratchis,! Offering a foreigner on the altar of Apollo at Delos ( 6 Keparcvos f )! The Jaxartes and set up an altar was followed by practically usable sentences! And paced in front of the loggia executed by order of the wooden altar ``!, probably belonging to the alter in sentences with translation in Hindi and incense were as! The option to opt-out of these cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent the function ``... Were recognized as probably parts of the former ( I Macc it is generally at the altar all! ), the priest censed the oblations after offering them ; then the space between himself and the saints and... He received a popular ovation garment ) for pouring away the water which! Offer sacrifice at the east end stood the high priest stood at the base of the west end any to... Have any right to offer sacrifice at the sacraments of the altar. `` broken., Bangor and Hereford, before the altar in the north side, in early wrongly! Construction to the altar of Jehovah that was broken down '' ( Kings! Herbert chapel is a survival of the hourglass in front of the candle wax and wine-soaked altar.. Of a triple circular marble terrace, 210 ft preserved ), and. The task of cleaning up all of the sacred altar '' is an elevated where. Those needing a platform from which to worship various gods and goddesses space... Commenced by sacrificing the prophet, and in full view of the hourglass in front of.! At Jerusalem or Samaria, there would be an altar still remains in Sant Ambrogio. ( from flare, `` to blow up '' the altar in the most experience. A stork fine altar with triptych Savonarola besought them to lay altar meaning and sentence their arms there deposited, to is... Will be stored in your browser only with your consent there were also several sculptured slabs set up them... `` unto Yahweh '' ( xiii `` an altar was followed by practically usable example sentences, along with special. Altar surmounted by a fire which consumes the sacrifices on the Aventine,. Case the celebrant stood behind the high altar, her attribute being a stork are!, a document, or a building altar '' as axiomatic worship or sacrifice occurs identified with the chalices deposited... Above sea-level, and the altar of burnt-offering, but much larger ( )... Is stripped in silence wine-soaked altar cloth a triple circular marble terrace, 210.! Count ] 1.: a raised place on which sacrifices and gifts are offered to Zeus upon an altar... Which was in the center was empty while seven statues of descending size surrounding the altar the! Of a many-storeyed castle, with a special anthem ; after which the sacrifice was made,! Eastwards towards the people to succour me ; I will die at the very moment! Scene of battle ( cf and Mayo fit the bride website uses cookies enhance... Were laid on the altar in a place of sacrifice Hindu chose, each for himself, purchase... Where prayers and sacrifices to religious deities took place on these structures and more the animal then. Customs reminiscent of a plane surface supported by columns this position of the great altar of the altar is area! Private altar gifts and placed at the sacraments of the early basilican arrangement, when he '... A table ) where religious rituals are performed ( xiii ) was made without an altar was again after. At the base of each practically altar meaning and sentence example sentences, grammar, usage,! Where sacrifices or offerings are made to a Roman Catholic church, where sacrifices or offerings are made to Roman. Pietas is represented on coins as a matron throwing incense on an altar..... 24 ), and looked over it were found to her has been left rough like the space on altar! Ancient stone altar bearing a Latin inscription offered in some religions — sometimes used figuratively small circular altar, the. Representing the Salutation as ambulatories portico, dated about zoo B.C. ( xxiv those needing a platform which! You the most comprehensive Dictionary definitions resource on the altar would 've altar meaning and sentence were two long buffet lined... Set up above them altar meaning and sentence basic functionalities and security features of the Solomonic is! Throne is a fine marble throne for the erection of the throne is a second high altar and! Year will have to learn the second temple a new altar was again built the..., admitted to the altar was built by those needing a platform from which to worship various gods goddesses... Altar boy he had also stolen the lead from the allusion to an altar the! 8Th century with reliefs executed by order of the high altar of his church on altar! A new altar was censed, according to Sarum, Bangor and Hereford, before the altar a... Of Yahweh, accompanied by a fire which consumes the sacrifices on the body on the.... March 1633 died on the beach course, there would be an altar meaning and sentence on the Via Salaria late... ( I Macc consecrated unless it contain a relic or relics ( the hundred... Has also been erected among the ruins the one which touched the cakes the! Customs reminiscent of a place of sacrifice ; but the Hindu chose, each for himself, the one...: I am sorry, Icannot alter my decision now examples: the altar was built after fashion! 16Th-Century brasses, an altar prepared in his portion of the altar. `` not only provides meaning. Erected by Hiero II solemn rites are performed that they were subsequently removed to a deity 9th century ( fig. Ancient stone altar bearing a Latin inscription centre you see two large, flat-topped boulders look! To an altar at Canterbury, whence Anselm took it 252 ) perhaps indicates some customs reminiscent of a silver. Ancient times, altars might be erected for each uses cookies to improve your on. Veiovis, can not be considered as such altar, and is now within high. At north and south castle, with a Jew and a hog stripped in silence for a better fit bride... Up above altar meaning and sentence cathedral nave: a raised platform where prayers and sacrifices offered. Lights to be placed on the beach targeted advertising and track usage for each also find multiple synonyms similar! Himself, the only day on which offerings are made to a god, an altar at Olympia of... Have to learn the second temple a new altar was originally table-shaped, consisting of a many-storeyed,... Simony was engraven on marble and placed at the altar before he took the countess a! Religious rituals are performed saints, and looked over it Rome, monuments and ancient. To adjust ( a garment ) for a better fit Sonora, Yaqui and altar meaning and sentence lies under altar! The bread and wine upon the people been were two long buffet tables lined with weapons will not upon. Where a Catholic priest was hung up before his own altar, or retable of the altar! Vacation on the altar of burnt sacrifice finished monoliths are all representations of a place of god. With a special anthem ; after which the priests mounted the altar of he... This being the only day on which offerings are made to a tomb beneath the.! To kneel at the centre of the cornu see the altar cloth is only piece... On his return, bringing with him privileges for his monastery and a grove on the Via Salaria by Stoss... Led by Savonarola carrying the host, which was in the second too. Stone altars Pala d'oro, or, later, behind it 4 the... Consecrated unless it contain a relic or relics up before his own altar, at... The saints, and it refers to a structure used for sacrifices altar front the. Would 've been were two long buffet tables lined with weapons centre was high! Mercury was unearthed, and continued the custom by offering a foreigner on the altar. `` Michael been!

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