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The Simpsons' Waylon Smithers came out in 2016 (20th Century Fox). Not only are there gay, lesbian and bi representation, The Simpsons also has transgender characters. There's three categories for every episode according the kind of role they have: Main Role Secondary Role Cameo (one or more) Season … Er ist überaus geizig und grausam. In the episode, Smithers finally realizes that his love for his boss Mr. Burns is unrequited. Celebs you didn’t know have an LGBT sibling, In one episode, a visiting character called the Parson tells Helen’s husband Reverend Timothy Lovejoy that he “remember[s] when [Helen Lovejoy] was Helen Schwartzbaum. She was on a float in the gay parade chanting “We’re gay! In fact, I remember when she was Harold Schwartzbaum.”. Smithers is an obedient and sycophantic assistant to Mr. Burns. Smithers has expressed his love for the wraith-like billionaire on numerous occasions over the years, going so far as to kiss him when he thought the world was about to end. Stanlerina is a trans woman and her cousin is Helen Lovejoy, who may also be an LGBT character—potentially trans herself, as well as bisexual. In the episode, Mr. Burns falls in love with Gloria, a woman who is much younger than he is and who turns out to be Snake Jailbird's ex-girlfriend. There’s obviously more to the story than what we’re saying, but you’re just going to have to hit PLAY on the clip below to find out exactly what that is: Democrats Take Control Of Senate As Kamala Harris Swears In Alex…, Celtics Extend TD Garden Lease into 2036 with Bruins-Affiliated…, Gina Torres Questions Why 'Matrix 4' Is Bringing Back Dead…, How to Watch Tom Hanks' 'Celebrating America' Inauguration…, 37 Best Valentine's Day Gifts That Say "Sure, This Holiday is…, Copyright © 2021 TVLine Media, LLC. Send her in,” when she was in the bedroom awaiting her husband. Charles Montgomery Burns ist der Eigentümer des Atomkraftwerkes und somit Homer Simpsons Chef. Smithers is the most obvious Simpsons gay character. The Simpsons gay character Smithers leaning in to kiss Mr. Burns. RELATED: The Simpsons: 10 Big Mistakes That Bart Committed That We Can Learn From. In other episodes, it’s known that he mates with female dogs, She’s The Fastest and Rosa Barks. You may be surprised how many Simpsons gay characters have appeared throughout the 30 seasons so far, not to mention the video games and movie. Now let’s get to decorating, Girlfriend.”. These are the ten best episodes that focus on Mr. Burns, whether he’s displaying his typical personality or taking on … 'Simpsons' Character Smithers Comes Out as Gay in New Episode More In Sunday night's episode, Waylon Smithers comes to terms with his love for his boss, Mr. Burns. This isn’t definite though due to the nature of the episode. Andy Swift / While unhappily married to a woman, Nigel kisses Smithers. Nigel is a billionaire who went to school with Mr Burns, and he meets Smithers through him. In an episode set in the future, the boys are gay and Bart knows but doesn’t out them, to Ned Flanders’ delight. But Mr. Burns, being the oldest man alive, has remained either oblivious or completely ignorant to Smithers's feelings—until episode 17 of season 27. Mr Smithers, the loyal and put-upon sidekick of Mr Burns, will confirm that he is gay in an episode of The Simpsons tonight (April 3).. Soon after, Julio and Grady got back together. She had relationships with three girls (two overlapping), but she eventually goes on to marry Milhouse, suggesting she’s bisexual. Much like in real life, The Simpsons has some romantic drama. By Gav-Imp Watch. Comment. Later, during the photo slideshow at the end of the third act, Mrs. Smithers makes her very first on-screen appearance, looking excited to open her gift when Smithers arrives and gives it to her. February 27 2015, 10:55 AM PST. All of his employees are also gay, and during breaks, they transform the mill to a gay nightclub. reserved.PMC Entertainment. Homer wittert seine Chance auf schnelles Geld und However, she was later seen in the show looking the same. 30 Comments . If there’s a ‘shipper name for The Simpsons‘ Mr. Burns and Smithers, arguably the longest will-they-won’t-they relationship in television history, it’s time to get it trending. Homer’s ex-girlfriend Candace hinted that she was bisexual when she told Homer that she’d dated more girls than he had. Meistens geschieht dies aber schon durch Homers Ungeschick. While he (and often his sidekick, Smithers) are present in a lot of episodes, we’re sometimes lucky enough to get an episode focusing exclusively on the incredible old millionaire. BurnsxSmithers Watch. She said that she would return as Mr Pommelhorst, the new shop teacher. Jan 29, 2012 11 min read. FOX. Unlike his current personality, Young Charles was so happy he was nicknamed \"Happy\", until his grandfather, Colonel Wainwright Montgomery Burns, lured him away from his parents and raised him as his own son. In the mobile game The Simpsons: Tapped Out, the Sea Captain implied that he is homosexual. According to the episode's … Of course, that’s not it. (Photo by 20th Century Fox) He is now openly gay and Marge even calls him her “gay best friend.” This trans woman was formerly Roy Molloy. In einigen Episoden erlangt Homer eine höhere Stellung in der Firma und Mr. Burns hört dann oft eher auf ihn als auf Smithers, weshalb Smithers in diesem Falle oft versucht, Homer hinauszuwerfen oder ihn zumindest wieder in seine alte Position zu bringen. Although it’s never been officially confirmed, numerous episodes have hinted that these two best friends are attracted to each other. “Kiss Kiss, Bang Bangalore” is the seventeenth episode of the seventeenth season of The Simpsons. Einmal wurde ihm dies zum Verhängnis, denn Maggie schoss ihn versehentlich an, als er ihr einen… Other Simpsons characters are shown to be bisexual. Largo, Lisa’s music teacher, revealed himself as gay when he ran off with his soulmate – also called Dewey – a man he met at Moe’s Tavern. D&D Beyond Mr. Burns and Smithers almost kiss in this video from 'The Simpsons' Season 26. A lesbian Simpsons character who lives in a country house outside of Springfield with her wife, who was mistaken for her husband in one episode. The touching Simpsons episode, which aired last night, sees Smithers admit his true feelings to Mr Burns. They said they were brought together due to a mutual hatred for Homer Simpson. Grady and Julio were originally introduced as a couple but in a later episode, Julio is married to Simpsons character Thad. In The Simpsons Movie, Bart Simpson is seen naked riding his skateboard. Smithers to come out as gay to Mr Burns in upcoming season of The Simpsons IT'S been a long time coming but finally Mr Smithers is set to come out to Mr Burns on The Simpsons. Mr. Burns will Homer wieder einmal durch seine Falltür verschwinden lassen, doch dieses Mal verletzt er sich dabei. is a two-part episode of the American animated television series The Simpsons. All rights When he passes Ralph, the boy smiles and says “I like men now!” implying he could be gay or bi. Roscoe is the gay manager of the Ajax Steel Mill. He takes his disappointment and frustration out on his employees, including Homer. Enter your email to receive a daily roundup of the top LGBT+ news stories. It first aired on the Fox network on December 2, 2001. Marge’s sister Patty was previously closeted. "A Hunka Hunka Burns … Hit TV show The Simpsons has been entertaining viewers since 1989, and throughout the years they have had several LGBT characters. Here you have the list of The Simpsons episodes where we can see Burns and Smithers there. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on February 25, 1996. These ladies kiss each other during their meetings whenever Marge is away. This wouldn't be the first time a major character has come out on "The Simpsons": After much teasing by the producers, Marge's sister Patty Bouvier was revealed to be a lesbian in a 2005 episode. Patty came out to everyone, including her sister Marge, in Season 16 when she almost married Veronica. In other episodes, Mr. Burns's birthplace is apparently Pangea, his national anthem implies he was both from Austria-Hungary and unaware of its collapse in World War I, and he mentions the possibility of an update on the Siege of Khartoum, implying that he was aware of current events as early as 1884. Part One is the twenty-fifth and final episode of the sixth season and originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on May 21, 1995, while Part Two is the season premiere of the seventh season and aired on September 17, 1995. By Mr. Burns: Well, Smithers, I guess there is nothing left but to kiss my sorry butt goodbye. "A Hunka Hunka Burns in Love" is the fourth episode of The Simpsons’ thirteenth season. Charles Montgomery Burns was born on September 15, 1886 to Clifford and Dephane Burns. " Homer the Smithers " is the 17th episode of The Simpsons ' seventh season. Although he was seemingly born poor, he was raised in luxury by his grandfather (he later reveals to Bart that he grew up in a wealthy family), who molded him into the heartless man that he is today. Burns/Smithers Episodes. Burns?" Add to Favourites. In one episode, it shows Lisa Simpson’s future. Lady Gaga Performs National Anthem at Biden/Harris Inauguration — Watch, Flash's Return Delayed by Supersized Superman & Lois 'Premiere Event', Garth Brooks Performs 'Amazing Grace' at Biden/Harris Inauguration — Watch, The Resident EP Teases 'Unexpected' Conrad/Nic Storyline After Episode 2 Twist — Plus, Will Mina and AJ…, The Haves and the Have Nots' Series Finale, Lady Gaga Performs National Anthem at Biden/Harris Inauguration…, Garth Brooks Performs 'Amazing Grace' at Biden/Harris Inauguration…. We’re glad! He is now openly gay and Marge even calls him her “gay best friend.” But some people felt the storyline served the show more than the LGBT+ community. But don’t tell Mom and Dad!”. Many people have speculated with Lisa Simpson is a lesbian. This is because Smithers is gay and in love with Mr Burns; ... secret and the source of a longtime series of running gags but Smithers did finally come out in The Simpsons' season 27 episode "The Burns Cage". Mr. Burns is from old money, which carries with it a strong whiff of East Coast elitism. These Simpsons characters are openly gay, as revealed in the TV show. These Simpsons characters are openly lesbian. 5K Views. In TVLine’s exclusive first look at Sunday’s episode (Fox, 8/7c), Smithers and his hunky employer find themselves going for a romantic bike ride in paradise, followed by a picnic for two — and a kiss? In response, the Sea Captain says, “Neither am I, wink-wink. In the episode, Mr. Smithers takes a vacation and hires Homer to temporarily replace him as Mr. Burns ' assistant. Excluding Marge, The Cool Moms are four mothers who are married with kids. Smithers' relationship with Mr. Burns has long been a running gag on The Simpsons. Homer makes it his mission to find Mr. Smithers a boyfriend in the April 3, 2016 episode “The Burns Cage” of "The Simpsons." It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on April 9, 2006. We have listed the various LGBT characters in The Simpsons, from those openly gay, lesbian and bi, to those who may be in the closet. Auch hat er eine Vorliebe dafür, Kindern Süßigkeiten wegzunehmen. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Mr. Burns and Smithers almost kiss in this video from 'The Simpsons' Season 26. However, these relationships may not be the Simpsons’ reality, so perhaps the timeline is false. There have often been strong hints about Smithers' true feelings for his boss, with one of the earliest references being in the season one episode " … A gym teacher at Springfield Elementary School, Brunella took a leave of absence to have gender reassignment surgery. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In episodes and the movie, she shows a liking for boys, but people still think she may be yet to come out or even realise herself. Verity left her husband Charles for lesbian character Patty Bouvier. When Smithers was a baby, his father, Waylon Smithers, Sr., was Burns's assistant until he died of radiation poisoning after saving Springfield from a potential nuclear meltdown, making Burns the closest thing to a father figure for him. "Who Shot Mr. Dan Castellaneta & Deb Lacusta were nominated for a Writers Guild of America Award for Outstanding Writing in Animation at the 59th Writers Guild of America Awards for their script to this episode. After 27 seasons, Smithers finally came out while singing a ballad about his unrequited love for Mr. Burns. John is a rather camp nostalgia store owner who befriends the Simpson family, going into their home and complimenting their interior design. 10 Favourites. He jests that Ned Flanders is homosexual due to his decorating tips, to which Flanders says he’s not. Helen also says, “Is that a woman’s voice I hear? This episode is also Mrs. Smithers' first ever on-screen appearance in the show after being off-screen for 24 seasons. Smithers: May I, sir? Santa’s Little Helper could be portrayed as bisexual as he’s seen panting excitedly at the Springfield gay pride parade after a member of the Gay Dog Alliance winked at him. D&D Beyond If you like TVLine, you'll LOVE our weekly newsletter.

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