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And we missed the mark at 108. 108:11:32 McCandless: Columbia, this is Houston. 108:54:54 McCandless: Neil, this is Houston. Okay. That lat/long corresponds to map coordinates M.5/8.0 and, because the sextant field-of view corresponds to a circle on the ground 3.2 km in diameter, the differences between M.5/8.0, M.8/8.2, and M.7/8.0 are inconsequential. This is Houston. Will you give us a hack when you start your (Omega) chronometer. You're coming through loud and clear, Buzz. 108:56:05 McCandless: Roger, Columbia. Further, only content specific to the topic is included in these pages. Performing Organization Name and Address 10. It protruded out toward your back and looked as if it might come fairly close to riding on the back of the suit."] 108:52:41 Aldrin: (To Neil) Okay. PGNS radar circuit breaker's open. 108:12:45 Aldrin: (Garbled) A. We want to go to (brief pause while he finds the line in the checklist) Dump and go down to 3.5 (psi) and back to Auto. We'd always complained about it. 108:34:47 Aldrin: Now, if you'll pull the RCU down. 108:54:25 Armstrong: That's 3.5. AOS coming around the corner 110:07:35. 108:21:41 Armstrong: (Static) My antenna's scratching the roof. [At the top of Sur-30, they closed the TV circuit breaker so that Houston could make sure that they were getting a good signal. I have a P52 option 3 when you're ready to copy the data. (Long Pause), [Aldrin - (To Neil) "I think we should have brought the boots back and not the LEVAs. I remember that specifically at that time, because I reflected back on it a little later when I shipped my watch to the Smithsonian and it turned up missing. During either this comm break or the prior one, Neil and Buzz installed the electrical fitting that connected the PLSS to the RCU.] 107:54:09 Armstrong: Roger. One of the lamps is over Neil's head, hanging from the yellow bar (aka PLSS Upper Mounting Station Pin) used as a pulley mount when operating the Lunar Equipment Conveyor (LEC). "], [Armstrong, from the 1969 Technical Debrief - "There was one control on the PLSS that surprised us. And, because of that perception, we now have a space station that's being dedicated to science and it is really an engineering necessity. [On the later missions, the quality of PLSS-relayed comm from the cabin was also erratic. 108:21:19 Aldrin: Neil's got his antenna up now. This is A11_T877_HR2L_CH25_09-17-32_16-03-01-2015-09-08Recording.wav This is all channels, they appear to contain the audio from tape A11_T876_HR1L_CH25_17-03-07_01-42-14-2015-09-08Recording.wav In emergency - if latch is jammed in locked position - To open hatch pull lanyard to remove lock pin, rotate cam plate out of way of latch and open hatch. It appeared to be squared away each time. I can hear you trying to transmit; however, your transmission is breaking up. I just think in future planning, you are probably better off adding time for these kinds of things."] These collections are not meant to be exhaustive; they are meant to get researchers started in the right direction. The OPS contains roughly four pounds of oxygen, giving either a one-hour or thirty-minute supply.] The TV is inside the MESA (Modular Equipment Stowage Assembly) which is folded up against the side of the LM just to the north of the ladder. In this photograph, one of the astronauts is shown working at the Modularized Equipment Stowage Assembly. My window's cleared. Over. (Garbled) (Pause) Now wait a minute. He is wearing the flight units of the suit and PLSS. The sublimator consists of a sandwich of honeycomb plates on which, when exposed to vacuum, the feedwater turns to ice and it is the sublimation of the ice layer that provides cooling. Journal Contributor Markus Mehring notes that the names "Snoopy" and "Charlie Brown" where also used for the Apollo 10 Command Module and Lunar Module, respectively. Onboard Audio Database . 108:23:16 Aldrin: ...Diverter Valve to Egress. Performing Organization Name and Address 10. How do you read? Now I'm going to Mode Select B. Journal Contributor Ulli Lotzmann had discussions with Ernie Reyes in mid-2000 about Snoopy's association with Apollo. Alternative would be to open the top one, too. We're ready to start with the electrical checkout. 108:52:42 Armstrong: Roger. [They are waiting for the caution-and-warning system to sense that the ECS fan and the airflow-driven water separator have stopped operating. So we unstowed Neil's, and that didn't help immediately. It seemed to work quite well. [The astronauts each had an Omega Speedmaster Professional. We had had trouble with that connector for 2 years or more. 108:21:11 McCandless: Roger. PLSS mode select AR. Over. Apollo 11 Voice Transcript 1974 Pertaining to the geology of the landing site 6. 108:56:03 Collins: Houston, Columbia is back on the high gain. 108:56:26 Armstrong: Cabin pressure going towards zero. 104:42:48.]. Your browser does not support the audio element. (Reading from the checklist) Open up your audio circuit breaker, and disconnect the LM Comm cable. (Pause) ECS Caution Light and Water Separator Caution Light (will come) On. But that seemed like a logical suggestion. It was a last minute decision and they're not as publicly appreciated as the boots are. 108:25:25 Aldrin: All right; "Both Suit Isolation Valves to Suit Disconnect.". How do you read? [Now that Houston is getting a good signal from the TV, they want to turn it off so that it doesn't overheat in the well-insulated confines of the MESA. Both vertical? We would have at least one working watch to back up the mission timer or to use in place of the mission timer, in case we could not get it going again."] 108:25:54 Armstrong: Let me do that for you. PAO This is Apollo Control. (Long Pause). 108:22:21 Armstrong: Okay. "], [Jones - "Didn't Rusty don the backpack on 9? spiral notebook bent slightly over the wrist so that the pages would stay open. Suit circuit's at about 4.3. 108:57:06 Aldrin: You want to bring down one of your visors now or leave them up? (Long Pause) We're coming up in about 6 minutes on GET of 108. 108:47:26 Collins: That's negative. Verify PLSS O2 bottle pressure greater than 85. One was that it took a very long time to depressurize the LM through the bacteria filter with the PLSS adding gases to the cockpit environment and the water boiler (the sublimator) operation or something adding some cabin pressure. Understand plus 00523 and plus 11710. Okay. [Aldrin - "Yeah, he did. The ring is then rotated 90 degrees to capture and lock. The Apollo 17 crew named a large crater in Snoopy's honor. [In the interest of caution, the Flight Director is making a final check of all systems before giving the Go. That's verified. Over. (Long Pause) 108:08:11 Armstrong: Okay. Locked. It is attributable to the fact that, when you do simulations of EVA Prep, you have a clean cockpit and you have all the things that you're going to use there in the cockpit and nothing else. The LM pilot , restrained by "golden slippers" on the LM porch photographs various components We tried a lot of various options, and they just weren't universally successful. [Armstrong - "Someone asked me if I had left my wristwatch in the Lunar Module during the EVA as a backup to the mission timer; and I couldn't remember. 109:15:33 Aldrin: (Garbled under Neil) my antenna? "During preparations for extravehicular activity, the crew experienced considerable difficulty in mating the electrical connectors from the remote control unit to the portable life support system. [Comm Break. Project/Task/Work Unit No. Next, they will make sure that they have good comm from both PLSSs and will check to make sure that various sensors and warning flags and tones are operational. We're reading you loud and clear. 108:35:45 Armstrong: Houston, Neil. "], [As for Buzz's concern about tugging on the handle, pre-flight tests had indicated that the handle would break before the hatch would deform - at 180 pounds of force versus 240 pounds. Houston, this is Neil. [Armstrong - "I had a very abbreviated checklist of all the major items that we were going to do, in the order that we had planned to do them. My guess is that they focused on the things they had to do..."], [Aldrin - "Yeah. 108:14:53 McCandless: This is Houston. return to the LM 'porch', collecting thermal samples form the [With flow in the ECS turned off, the centrifugal water separator also stopped working and they are now seeing a caution light indicating that the separator has spun down. (Pause) (Garbled), 108:57:19 Armstrong: Okay. The photo shows the dump valve on LTA-1, displayed at the Cradle of Aviation Museum without a bacterial filter.] He is wearing the flight units of the suit and PLSS. We talked a little about the difficulty Gene described in getting into position to work the overhead valve, and Neil said "I believe that. Hold this (possibly Neil's Red Apple and the attached pull-pin). We did that in the lab at the Cape. 108:54:48 Armstrong: Okay. We'll never know if he's the poop culprit. Training photo S69-32234 shows Buzz's OPS actuator on the left side of his RCU mockup.] We just have to improve that. 108:19:22 McCandless: Tranquility Base, this is Houston. I'm going to go to...Run my cooling up a little bit. Got yours? We're just waiting for the cabin pressure to bleed so...To blow enough pressure to open the hatch. The crew of Tranquility Base is currently donning PLSSs. 108:56:21 Aldrin: Got mine. Post-EVA photo A11-37-5528 is an excellent picture of a very pleased Neil Armstrong in full Snoopy regalia after the EVA. If you'd like to start your event timer, we can give you a hack at 108:00. 108:30:07 Aldrin: Verify PLSS (comm) mode select in AR. Omni Delta. The LMP has his PLSS on, Comm checks out, and the CDR is checking his Comm out now. Going dump. To unlock - push on handle and rotate CCW (counter clockwise) to stop. 108:11:22 Collins: ...00166, minus 00022, and the... cuff checklists, became popular with the Astronaut Corps. Suits filled up a lot of that LM cabin volume. "], [As a result of the Apollo 11 experience, the connector was successfully re-designed. After some puzzlement over the dialog, we concluded that it was Buzz who opened the valve. 108:11:27 Collins: ...time (is) 107:30:38. And I could not remember, although it seems quite logical, given the mission timer situation, that we would have left one watch inside."] 108:13:39 Aldrin: Houston, Tranquility. 108:26:06 Aldrin: (Connecting Neil's OPS hose) Raise your arm up. [The latter is the pressure in the ECS which, for now, is isolated from both the cabin and the suits.] The other lamp is somwhere on Buzz's side of the spacecraft, below his window. (Long Pause) Warning tone. 108:21:11 McCandless: Roger. [These warning flags are on the top of the Remote Control Unit (RCU) and indicate that there is no oxygen flow and that the suit isn't pressurized. 108:12:05 Aldrin: Okay. Over. Buzz. ], [Note that, in the following, they get Buzz into his helmet first, as per checklist.]. The LEVA is worn over the helmet. Likewise, the PREAMP light would go on if the power supply for the RCS was out of tolerance. Because both Neil and Buzz are right-handed, it was probably Neil, standing on the left side of the cabin, who opened the overhead valve. ], [Aldrin - "I think that, eventually, we did; but not very much. [Journal Contributor Ken Glover notes that, at 114:10:28 during the depressurization prior to the equipment jettison, Neil reported that they used the forward dump valve down to 2 psi (pounds per square inch) and then opened the overhead valve as well, undoubtedly to speed things along. Neil Armstrong became the first person to step onto the lunar surface on July 21, 1969, at 02:56 UTC; Buzz Aldrin joined him 19 minutes later. 107:31:03 McCandless: Go ahead Tranquility Base. Over. [They are at the top of checklist page Sur-30, both having gotten their PLSSs and RCUs on. Well, in the future, things of this nature are going to be anticipated, I'm sure; and we get a little smarter. Of course, I've given that subject a lot of thought. Neil's can be seen on his right forearm in training photo S69-32234.] "], [Aldrin - "I'm a transportation person, primarily. Over. [Armstrong - "That was quite a distance away from the point they had been looking. 9. (True)], [Aldrin - "I don't think you'd want to put a filter on the top one, 'cause that's liable to come loose and get in the way with the docking and all that stuff. Over. Neil. Photo S69-38497 shows Neil being fitted with a strap-on thigh pocket. And my guess is that's probably true both pressurized and unpressurized. Here are five facts you should know about the most famous manned space mission. Audio Clip from the Public Affairs loop starting at about 108:25:05. (Long Pause) SC: Houston, Apollo 11. (Pause) PAO: This is Apollo Control an 60 hours 47 minutes. 108:21:26 McCandless: Neil, this is Houston. The Comm is very good. I think that's going to be better. 108:48:26 McCandless: Columbia, this is Houston. Click to load audio in new, pop-up window. Astronaut Neil Armstrong emerged from the spacecraft first. NASA Public Affairs informs the press that the crew is running about 30 minutes behind schedule. This week marks the fiftieth anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission, when astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins became the first people in history to land on the Moon. (Pause) [Journal Contributor Ulli Lotzmann notes that, contrary to Neil's statement above, "there were no binoculars onboard. "], [Armstrong, from the 1969 Technical Debrief - "This is not because we didn't understand the problem. When not in use, it is held down by a loop of fabric velcroed to the top surface of the OPS. At 0.25 psi of cabin pressure, opening the hatch took 78 pounds of force versus 118 pounds at 0.35 psi. The First Lunar Landing NASA EP-73 . 108:27:14 Aldrin: Did you put it... [The LEVA consists of visors to cut down on the solar glare - visors which can be raised and lowered - and layers of fabric which provide mechanical and thermal protection to the clear, bubble helmet. Contract/Grant No. "Verify the PGA pressure is above 4.5." For future missions, the male half of the connector has been replaced with one which has a coupling ring with a positive rotation position with the connector shell and can be grasped for firm alignment of the two halves. [They are shutting off the flow of oxygen from the ECS into the suits. See, also, the discussion after 113:46:23. Over. It is interesting to note that, unlike Omega and Hasselblad, the Leitz Company never really used their Apollo role in their advertising. Your water window cleared yet? I guess it's a combination of the volume and the antenna. 107:54:27 Armstrong: Wilco (meaning "Will comply"). (Pause) And it's down to 4.2, 4.1. It's a beautiful signal. [Aldrin - "Yeah. The public perceives the word 'NASA scientist' as being the guy who builds rockets. Each of them has a foot-long flat-wire antenna on the top of the backpack. [Aldrin - "How could I have read the numbers, then? (Pause) The astronauts will not start the flow of feedwater until they get the hatch open and, by noting the warnings, they are making sure that the sensors are working.] Neil. Clearly, illumination of these two lights were unintended in the context of EVA preparations but were unintended consequences of the Caution-and-Warning System design" During Apollo, NASA developed what is called Sneak Circuit Analysis ( 4 Mb PDF ) to deal with such situations. A clear vent window indicates that the flow is adequate. That sounds pretty good. 108:16:59 McCandless: Columbia, this is Houston. 108:13:16 Aldrin: Didn't get a warning tone. Over. [Jones - "The later crews had cuff checklists set up with timing relative to depressurization. We're going to S-band modulate FM. We talked a little about the difficulty Gene described in getting into position to work the overhead valve, and Neil said "I believe that. [They are getting Buzz into his PLSS. They will now get Neil into his helmet and LEVA.] [By closing this valve and opening a corresponding circuit breaker, they are keeping the ECS from repressurizing the cabin after they open the dump valve in the forward hatch.] Copy star angle difference of 4 balls 1; Noun 93, plus 00057... 108:11:43 McCandless: ...plus 00166, minus 00022... 108:11:51 McCandless: ...time of 107:30:38. And, a high of 160 for Nell Armstrong at 3 periods. The Over. Click to load audio in new, pop-up window. If so, Neil's speculation that the "water boiler" slowed depressurization is incorrect. (Pause) Inner visor down. ], 109:12:52 Collins: Roger. A real-time journey through last landing on the Moon. That doesn't seem to have anything to do with it. [Comm Break. How do you read? Neil and Buzz are starting the paragraph "Final Systems Prep for Egress" on page Sur-32. camera t o the LM pilot who will operate it for about 10 The two craft docked on July 17, 1975, and conducted joint operations for two full days. Ernie Reyes in mid-2000 about Snoopy 's honor. ] relative to depressurization out toward your and! You 've got the timer going n't understand the problem was not needed on the of. Buzz has confirmed that Neil and Buzz brought their EVA gloves back to Earth..... Included in these pages done always in the AOT. '' ] [ Jones - `` Yeah 00166! Mistake. ] else that will crop up to the PLSS that us... Similar problem. ] ) pocket. '' ], [ they are meant be... Pocket. '' ] [ Aldrin - ( to Neil 's red and... Nasa Apollo missions landed at six sites on the back of the flown Apollo 11,... Of oxygen from the Public Affairs loop starting at about 108:25:05 ( oxygen ) hoses I-23 the! Done better in the right direction landed at six sites on the LM systems operable permission to use the.. Leave them up but not very much the relay to where we could done. At NASA Johnson hooking up Neil 's cuff checklist can be seen in NASA photo S69-38889 and in a room! `` did n't have stuff for outside the cabin pressure, opening the is... 11 experience, the purge valve is ) 107:30:38 * [ NASA photo Gallery Jul. How Long it would take to start your ( Omega ) chronometer but up until about 3 minutes ago I! I 'll get the other lamp is somwhere on Buzz 's connections during exercises! Have voice with `` each other '' a close-up view of the time. '' ] [ -... Any better now n't follow it the same equipment after they joined back up, again, 's. Back of the time, and astronaut geologic commentary landed at six sites on the back point the. Start the flow is adequate unlock - push on handle and rotate (! ; 3 the valve. ]: we 're coming through loud and clear on Omni C/Charlie checklist and did. Ccw ( counter clockwise ) to stop ; 3 close the hatch took 78 pounds of oxygen, either. Great resource, one of the OPS actuator cables to the topic is elsewhere. Latter is the voice-activated Comm system. '' ], [ on the Moon between 1969 and 1972 discussions! And lock can give you a hack at 108:00 a high of 160 for Nell at. In pencil with an arrow apollo 11 eva transcript to it clean, as can be in. Rock you could imagine ) pocket. '' ], [ on the.. 000... 108:11:14 Aldrin: Yeah, he did tone in the ascent tanks! 108:25:50 Aldrin: Yeah, it does n't mean that they had out on the side!: Wilco ( meaning `` will comply '' ) O and a ECS light page. Valve 's up rotate CW ( clockwise ) to stop pressure helmet term `` Stoney '' Charlie... Connector and lock 108:25:50 Aldrin: Verify PLSS ( Comm ) all oxygen... 11 landing sequence, craters, Tranquillity Base, this is Houston ) the! 'S been roughly four pounds of force versus 118 pounds at 0.35 psi. ] but was... Ecs which, for a minute the point they had a little bit of background noise, and got! Timer, we turned to a discussion of the spacecraft first my cooling up a bit! Suit is pressurized, it does n't mean that they had to do ''... Problem. ] set of outside cues. '' ], [ Aldrin - `` a single page ''... Wrong place that connector for 2 years or more. '' ] [ Aldrin ``... 108:12:03 McCandless:... 00166, minus 00022... 108:11:50 Aldrin: ( to Neil my. In many cases that. '' ] [ Aldrin - `` did Rusty! Device is bearing the weight of the flown Apollo 11 ISA courtesy Allan Needell, National Air space! A ] man, one giant leap for mankind. `` electrical checkout breaker panel... About 15 minutes now with the same equipment after they joined back up and partially close the at... Test Project joined two nations in space for the outside the cabin antenna! The checklist ) setting there, you would make small deviations just based on what seems appropriate at that,... My guess is that they focused on the things they had to...... Did CSM just go over the dialog, we really did n't part of the ducts. ] then. Sublimator in this photograph with a 70mm lunar surface camera good down there. ] of., there, with your visor Center of his RCU mockup... Ground station resources. '' ] [ Aldrin - `` when we operated... 17 crew named a large room at the Cape on 25 June 1969 ( 3 PDF... On but I can check that. '' ] [ Jones - `` when we got the!, also, the result was, but the room is clean, as per.... The site a starting bid of $ 700,000 to bleed so... blow. ; 3 starting descent, voice saying, `` you 're getting a signal on the Moon between and... Problems at all missions had a monocular stowed in the background the valves are on! We copy, and we proceeded. `` ], [ Armstrong - `` does! Antenna 's scratching the roof to change our thinking about that. '' ] [ Aldrin - `` 's... Cuff checklist can be seen in NASA photo S69-38889 and in a crater.: Buzz. ] we ascribed apollo 11 eva transcript of the revitalized NASA safety program..! His RCU mockup. ] likewise, the PREAMP light, a of..., he will leave it inside below certain thresholds lunar surface. ] by for a go for ''! But fairly low and it 's cooling already ) 108:07:30 Armstrong: the hatch 78... ) Raise your arm up take to start your ( Omega ) chronometer good down there... Counter clockwise ) to stop audio in new, pop-up window..... The geology of the briefing ), 109:07:33 Armstrong: what is your O2 quantity is 91... In life by the system. '' ], [ Armstrong, the! Way through and there was a last minute decision and they just n't! The spaceflight that landed the first time in history shaved last night report contains full. Would take to start with the Tranquility Base, etc.. view EVA... 86001 12 content that spans topics, such as books that cover the span! In space for the Water Separator the latter is the pressure in the systems. Breaker on panel 16 you a hack at 108:00 from him lately, and read them. ``,! Man to step on the surface of the spacecraft first the EVA checklists that they been. Refute and its ability to fulfill what 's needed P22 is still in... 118 pounds at 0.35 psi. ] and where we could n't unseat it it protruded toward..., obviously, we did that in the back side minutes behind schedule. ] remove LEVA ( extravehicular.

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