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Advertise on Slator! Rev supports the 29.97 fps frame rate. “We are implementing cost saving and operational actions to enhance liquidity and maintain financial flexibility,” REV Group President and CEO Rod Rushing said. If tax cuts actually paid for themselves, they would reduce deficits based on faster growth. Recently Announced Cuts at Colleges. Linguist compensation, with lawsuits over unpaid wages and pay cut controversies, is always a hot topic. The manufacturer of RVs and other specialty vehicles is lowering its executive team and vice president base salaries between 10 percent and 40 percent, the company announced. REV Group has also furloughed most salaried employees within its RV segment, which suspended normal production activities during the week of March 23. Moreover, taking into consideration future changes in technology, only 37.8% of respondents to our November 8, 2019 poll said that edit distance would be useful long-term, while 62.2% predicted that the metric will soon become obsolete. A number of freelancers have championed hourly rates as the best way to account for time and effort expended on jobs (although hourly rates cannot guarantee satisfaction with the scale of compensation, as evidenced by the UK’s Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL) October 2019 survey report). Like for Apple, Google’s cut on your revenue for subscriptions decreases to 15% after a year, so you’ll retain 85% of the revenue after 12 months. Top earners can take home as much as $1,500/month. Every Friday, Join over 13,000 subscribers and get the latest language industry intelligence every Friday. Hear a panel of innovative localization professionals share different approaches for MT post-editing pricing. While it was necessary to suspend production within the RV segment, Rushing said, REV Group has experienced increased demand in its ambulance division, and it continues to deliver fire trucks and public-transportation vehicles.”, “I want to thank all of our employees for their commitment and resilience and recognize the support of their families as we continue to navigate through this challenging environment,” he said. Asked in our November 22, 2019 poll whether Rev would be able to recover from the recent bad press, most readers were positive: 35.5% said yes, 38.7% said it would be possible, but difficult, and 25.8% said no. Your information will never be shared with third parties. scheduled to take full effect throughout the EU in May 2020, critical media coverage of its significant rate cuts, Pricing Models for MT Post-Editing Workshop. Teams everywhere are taking a huge financial hit and even players are looking at (relatively skimpy) pay cuts. Michigan Wolverines. Earlier this week, we reported on the 84-page report that gym mentorship company Two Brain Business recently released — “the most comprehensive, data-driven analysis of the fitness industry ever conducted,” they said — about the state of the fitness industry in 2020. According to Rev, the average captioner earns $240/month. REV Group is temporarily reducing compensation for its top executives in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Competitive landscape. 1. All these new requirements could lead to a significant jump in work for specialized translators and LSPs. According to our November 1, 2019 poll, 28.4% of self-identified linguists have seen a definite shift toward hourly work versus work paid by the word or line, while 13.6% have seen only some movement in that direction. Compared to previous regulations, EU MDR will apply to more medical devices, will require more thorough labels on products, and stipulates that text must be translated into the official language of each EU country where the product will be marketed. Epic’s 12% cut is actually the major exception to this rule, while Valve’s cut gets lowers as a game passes certain sales thresholds and lets publishers themselves pick the cut it takes. Read on to learn more about how pay cuts may vary, and how they could affect you. Friday December 18 2020, 12.01am, The Times. If you are employed in the RV industry and not “We continue to monitor our end-market demand and our supply chain and have developed contingency plans should future developments warrant further action.”. 1 for the Operator), RV News magazine720-353-4003[email protected]. Reporting Unemployment Compensation Like for one-time purchases, Google’s revenue share on subscriptions is 30% of the price. No Spam. implemented pay cuts as a measure of coping with the loss of revenue emanating from COVID-19 are shown in Figure 4.4. April 10, 2020 Written By: RV News Staff REV Group is temporarily reducing compensation for its top executives in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In Your Inbox. Copyright 2019 DRN Media Inc.All rights reserved. How much you earn depends on a number of factors like the amount of work available and the number of hours you work each week. January 16, 2021 by The backlash, which included one of Rev’s own clients starting a petition insisting on fair rates for transcriptionists, is an example of the recent disenchantment with the gig economy and the current economic precariousness of freelancing. At Rev, we make the process simple and affordable. Transcriptionists for Rev must pay 15% Medicare tax for retirement, while employees only pay 7.5% FICA tax and their employer pays the other 7.5%. Louisa Clarence-Smith. Vice presidents and … Market size. The actual amount of tax revenue collected in FY2018 was significantly lower than the CBO’s projection made in January 2017—before the tax cut was signed into law. As translation productivity (CAT) tools become more ubiquitous throughout the language services industry, linguists and language service providers (LSPs) alike have started to reconsider “per word” rates as the standard for calculating compensation. A pay cut may be temporary or permanent, and may or may not come with a reduction in responsibilities. It's also used commonly in Broadcast TV and for editing in software such as Adobe Premier Pro and Final Cut Pro. Feedback from Slator readers suggests that hourly rates might be more common these days, but still have a ways to go before being accepted as the new normal. Transcription provider’s reputation took a serious hit in November 2019 after critical media coverage of its significant rate cuts for freelance transcriptionists. 790 reviews from employees about culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security, and more. The pay cut equals a 5% cut in annual pay for most employees. Says John A. To place an order, it only takes 3 easy steps! Pay cut for PWC partners despite growth in revenue. Download the 2021 Online Media Kit Now. Those who make less than $65,000 will face a 5 percent pay cut, and those who make more than $125,000 will take a pay cut of more than 10 percent. Within those projections, Michigan is expecting to see a 50% decrease in spectator admissions revenue. Still, the NHL made $5.09 billion in revenue … Though Rev’s bread and butter is monolingual transcription, its business model, which relies on a network of independent contractors compensated per task, is overwhelmingly common among LSPs (hence the protests from translators and interpreters over California gig-worker bill AB5). Challenger, CEO of outplacement consulting firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, "Real pay cuts for people are something companies are very cautious about doing. The SubRip (.srt) format is a … Some pay cuts also affect an employee’s raises, bonuses, and benefits. a member of the trade media, Daily business news on the RV industry and the companies and people that encompass it, Monthly printed and/or digital magazine filled with in-depth articles to increase profit margins, Statistics, data and other RV business trade information. How to Pay Taxes for Unemployment Compensation. This amounted to $6.75 per hour under Rev’s previous rate, and now equates to a payout of $4.50 per hour. Pay Cuts Pay cuts have been in the headlines, but not as much as other cost-cutting tactics. While the tax cuts unsurprisingly shrank federal tax revenue, Trump's promises that the cut would stimulate business investment and economic growth have not yet materialized. Can Rev Make a Comeback After Its Pay-Cut Controversy? Today, we’re going to take a closer look at their COVID-specific data. Linguist, music blogger and reader of all things dystopian. REV Group said it currently maintains strong liquidity, with approximately $200 million of availability under its existing ABL credit facility including cash on hand. For all of edit distance’s promise, however, it only tracks the number of changes made to a text, not the time spent working on it, which could result in linguists feeling short-changed. Closures, Revenue Loss, Pay Cuts, Layoffs: New Research Reveals COVID-19’s Impact on 6000 Gyms – Morning Chalk Up. Curated news from thousands of sources, SlatorSweep’s daily news service gives you a competitive edge on time sensitive market intelligence. Only 14.5% reported otherwise. In 2013, the average income for each YouTube content creator … Transcription provider’s reputation took a serious hit in November 2019 after critical media coverage of its significant rate cuts for freelance transcriptionists. Role of the language services industry. However, Vissers said the plan was designed to have a greater impact on BCH leadership. Gavin Newsom on Thursday proposed canceling $6.1 billion in spending increases that include nixing planned expansions of health coverage for vulnerable populations. Slator makes business sense of the language services and technology market. More generally, how important is regulation in driving the demand for these services? 29-page report. The board of directors is reducing their cash compensation 30 percent. Based in Chicago after adventures on three continents. “We also want to thank our customers for their support, as well as first responders and all others on the front lines of this crisis who are helping our country manage through these difficult times.”, DRN Media dba RV News685 S Arthur Ave., Ste 6Louisville, CO 80027(720) 353-4003 (Hit ext. The company will seek to create additional positive cash flow from continuing to reduce expenses and manage working capital for cash. When you're ready to transcribe audio to text, upload the audio file you want us to transcribe. As more and more translators find themselves editing “first rounds” of translation performed by machine translation (MT) engines, edit distance has gained traction as a metric to standardize compensation for post-editing MT. Penn State University counts losses exceeding $100 million since March and expects another $160 million revenue loss next fiscal year, prompting actions including salary adjustments and 3 percent across-the-board cuts. Physician Practice Revenue Cut in Half Due to COVID-19 Crisis On average, physician practices revenue declined 55 percent since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, while patient volume fell 60%, MGMA reports. The Scenarist (.scc) format is used for submitting to VoD stores like iTunes and Hulu.

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